Motus Therapeutic Methods offers multiple courses to enable practitioners to take myofascial techniques to the level that to aligns best with their practice. 

Motus Therapeutic Methods

Fascial Neuromechanical Therapy (FNMT) 

The Postgraduate Department of Logan University is proud to present Dr. Vincent DeBono teaching FasciaNeuroMechanical Therapy (FNMT). Dr DeBono is the founder and developer of Motus Methods – The Science of Movement. In this unique, one-of-a-kind seminar he introduces us to FNMT, an assessment and therapeutic approach that permits practitioners to deliver focused, effective treatment protocols and exercise interventions based off an analysis of movement patterns and utilizing the most current concepts in fascial therapy. He begins this information-packed and practical seminar with an introduction to FNMT and then describes and discusses altered movement patterns and their fascial causes, neurological causes, and mechanical causes. He then discusses the key concept of Regional Interdependence. He ends the Saturday session with an introduction to functional movement assessments, active taping, and an analysis of movement patterns to determine the source of the patient’s dysfunction and their treatment options. On Sunday Dr. DeBono gets right back to work describing, discussing, and demonstrating analysis and treatment of upper cross patterns and lower cross patterns. He wraps up this fascinating presentation with a condition-based approach to frequently occurring common conditions.

Upcoming FNMT Seminars:

October 15-16 2016 - Paducah, Kentucky - Click here for Seminar Details



inner working of myofascial approaches to the chiropractic adjustment

We are pleased this weekend to present another Logan Special Event Seminar. This unique presentation features Dr. Vincent DeBono and some special guest instructors. This special seminar covers soft tissue assessment and treatment correlated with spinal and extremity adjusting methods. The program begins with an overview of various soft tissue assessments of symptoms systems including functional movement patterns, dysfunctional movement and cross syndromes. This overview of soft tissue assessments of symptoms systems is followed by an overview of HVLA techniques focusing on Reinert Diversified including analysis and identification of subluxation and distortion patterns. Correlation of soft tissue assessment with the diversified technique analysis will determine site of adjustment utilizing various listing systems and concepts. The seminar goes into depth with correlation of upper cross patterns with cervical and thoracic adjusting, myofascial procedures and assessment methods to determine joint versus soft tissue versus motor pattern deficits. The presentation continues through the spine and extremities correlating each section with upper or lower cross patterns in upper extremities, lumbar spine and pelvis, and lower extremities. Various additional instructors will supplement Dr. DeBono's presentation with perspectives and analysis on full spine and extremity adjusting. The seminar includes hands-on breakout sessions and then finishes up with case study reviews and emerging research and theories on the interconnection of the fascial system and their implications in the practice of chiropractic. This Special Event Seminar is being held in the beautiful state-of-the-art Purser Center. There will be a hot lunch on Saturday and a hot brunch on Sunday with plenty of time to visit with exhibitors and instructors. There will be drawings for prizes and each attendee receives a Logan Spring Symposium bag which includes a water bottle, flash drive and flashlight. There is no way that you will want to miss this seminar – great topic, great instructors and guest lecturers, two hot meals, door prizes, a fully loaded Logan Spring Symposium bag and 12 hours of continuing education – all for an Early Bird tuition of $105. We hope to see you there!

inner working seminar

November 12-13 2016 - Logan University Chesterfield Mo - Click here for Seminar Details




Motus Therapeutic methods inservices

Motus Therapeutic Methods offers introductory seminars or in-services of various lengths to suit your needs.

  • Our 6-hour in-service is perfect as an introduction to training staff on the use of kinesiology taping and soft tissue methods. 
  • Our 4-hour in-service is a great introduction to assessment and treatment of upper and lower cross dysfunctional movement patterns.
  • Our 1-hour introduction to kinesiology taping and soft tissue methods is geared toward the public and works well with introducing these concepts to sports clubs, running clubs and health club in-services.



For more details on scheduling an in-service please contact